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Glass Industry: Dual line lubrication system for 572 lubrication points in one system

In August of 2011 we finished one of our biggest project for AGC Automotive Glass Company.


The outstanding project in the Central-European region covered installation of dual line automatic greasing system for 572 lubrication point of a glass preforming machine. 

The prominent glass manufacturer ordered system on production time problems: they had to stop for doing manual greasing in each 2 weeks for 48 hours.


Very narrow places, glass splinter everywhere, used grease all around... these conditions influenced  badly the manual work and ensure unreliable efficiency of lubrication.

Designing the dual line system first we establish  6-12 lubricatoin point-groups which connected into one-one progressive sub-dividers and these are all connected to main dual line supply system.

By installation was not difficult the mechanical work but the organization of the installation work: Company let time for installation only while standard maintenance time present! This means we need to visit and build the greasing system in two-weeks periods at site.

Installation though lasted from January until August.


Due high temperature (400-650°C) the sublines are made from brass and copper.

Moving pins and bearing are connected  with flexible hoses covered with temperature-resistant cover.


Central station is based on a Dropsa MiniSumo greasepump with 30kg grease-tank and 150ccm/min delivery, connected electric-driven change-over-valve and a special control and monitoring unit.


Introduction this automatic lubrication system and passing away the testing period the original maintenance stop is radically reduced: from 2 weeks 48 hour to 6 weeks 12 hours. This means extra profit to customer due having extra 132 workhours for the production! Calculating 3.000 EUR production value per hour this can reach 40.000 EUR savings per 6 week almost 350.000 EUR per year! This is the real return of money!

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