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Outset TPMS - Tire Pressure Monitoring System

The wireless TPMS system provides direct and constant monitoring of the condition of the tyres on your vehicle. This helps prevent their premature wear and protect other vital parts of the vehicle, thus reducing maintenance costs and fuel consumption. Choosing Outset TPMS means being able to rely on an established company that has always worked to improve the driving experience of road hauliers. Product quality is guaranteed and the competence of our technicians ensures an efficient after-sales support.



Alarms on tyre


TPMS system continously monitors the air in the vehicle's tyres and gives immediate alarm on any faults:


  • High Pressure alarm: when air temperature in tyre reaches 90°C - it can avoid of blowing the tyre or blownout

  • Pressure Drop Alarm ( Level 1) activated when tyre air pressure decreases with 12,5% as normal - it saves fuel and tyre wear


  • Pressure Drop Alarm ( Level 2) activated when tyre air pressure decreases with 25% as normal - it warns on flat tyre

  • Pressure Drop Alarm ( Level 13 activated when tyre air pressure decreases with 50% as normal - it can save life and damage

  • Pressure Increase Alarm when tyre pressure increases with 25% aabove normal - avoids on excessive wear of tyres 

  • Air Leak Alarm when changes of tre pressure in 12 second is more than 3psi (0,21bar) 

  • Sensor Alarm when any sensor is broken or communication is lost between unit and sensors 

Why to choose and use Outset TPMS?

  • Protection from premature tyre wear

  • Prevention of tyre failure through detection of even the slightest damage

  • Reduction of fuel consumption and maintenance costs for the company

  • Reduction of exhaust gas emissions to help protect the environment

  • Reduction of wear and damage to shock absorbers, suspension and other vital parts of the vehicle

  • Constant monitoring of tyre pressure for improved driving comfort

  • Control of braking to help reduce the possibility of accidents


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