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Transport and Logistics

In the world of transportation, everything is about efficiency. Not only is the tight timetable, but the lowest possible fuel consumption, maintenance and operating costs are in focus, and the real profit in transport is ensured. This idea prompted us to get the lorries, trucks, garbage trucks, dump trucks, and so on. We can offer solutions that are really rewarding for you.

These solutions automatically control the engine oil level, provide the necessary grease points with the lubricant, so that the owner can feel safe with regard to the technical maintenance of the fleet's vehicles, in the most environmentally friendly way. This is the maximum result with minimal effort.



In the area of ​​transportation, the biggest item in addition to fuel and wage costs is repair fees. In the event of a vehicle or device malfunction, it is not only the direct, part and charge items, but most of all the loss of the vehicle from production, that is the problem and loss. For many forwarders, the annual profit is only 25-35 working days at the end of the year, with each day of loss a huge loss for the owner and operator.


Proper lubrication of frictional, wear parts, can reduce the risk and loss of wear, fractures, and non-abnormal wear by up to 30-40%, making reliable automatic lubricants a major asset for your business.

Our keywords: Safety - Reliability - Efficiency

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