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Industrial lubrication systems

Progressive Systems

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MultiLine Systems

DualLine Systems

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Chain Lubrication Systems

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Manual Lubrication and Maintenance

Tools and Pneumatic Equipments for Maintenance

Due very various kind of industrial lubrication systems we only mention the most important and common systems we support.

Since the early 90's is getting to be most popular the progressive lubrication systems both in oiling or greasing exchanging the robust dual line greasing systems. Advantages are coming from its fine and precise installation and low-cost investments though most of the machines are getting to be more and more slim or sophisticated.

The heavy-, cement- or chemical industry keep the massive dual line operation against automotive's or food industry's lighter requirements in lubrication. The single line distribution is still popular where lighter greases or performance required. The most updated lubricaiton technology is the MQL Minimal Quantity Lubricatin which reaches the environmental requirements as well as the most efficient oiling.

Here are some samples on each type of lubricaiton systems working in production plants.

MQL Minimal Lubrication

Importance of MQL is giving the most-less lubricant onto surface what could be needed.

Air/Oil Lubrication consists of an air stream, that normally operates continuously, used to provide cooling to the lubrication point and as a transport medium to carry small quantities of oil to the lubrication point.

The oil-injected into the air stream at regular intervals coats the surfaces to be lubricated and reduces friction and wear.

Oil gives reduction of friction and wear, air-flow gives cooling.

It is common by: 

  • lubrication of tooling machines

  • pre-oiling metal sheets by pressing

  • chains and linear bearings 

  • special application 

Most common products are: Dropsa Vip4Chain - Vip4Tools, Near-Dry Machinery

Single Line system

Coming from its name this system consist of one main tube/line where oil/light-grease is moving and the dosing elements are "sitting on the wire" like swallows on the electric wires feeding directly the lubricatin points. 

Most common versions of single line lubrication are the restrictors (dripping oil into feedline tubes) or the injector systems which quote lubricant in very percise amount towards the lubepoints.

System 01 restrictors are for cheap oiling but injector systems could handle even greases NLGI000-2 greases too. Number of lubepoints usually 10-30 but in some cases we installed single line lubrication system for over 100 points.


  • tooling machines 

  • chain lubrication

  • agricultural machines

  • food industry


Most common systems are: Lincoln Centromatic, SL, Dropsa 33V, System01, Vogel and Delimon 

Progressive system

The progressive systems are bult like roots of a tree: grease coming from pump to main divider where it is splitted to different outlets and drove towards to sub-dividers or direct to lubrication.

Generally progressive systems support upto 60-80 lubrication points with high delivery pressure (280-350 bars). The delivery pumps are mostly piston pumps for mobile applications in a very compact design: tank, control and motor with drive forms one compact unit. Industrial pumps have metal tank from 5 to 100 kilos driven by pneumatics or 12/24VDC or 400VAC.

Progressive are liked:

  • by almost every industrial application where middle or light amount of grease is neccessary independently of circumstances or conditions. 


Most common systems: Dropsa System26, Lincoln Quicklub, and many mayn others

Multiline system

These systems are mostly the past though it is onyl used in the tyre or cement industry. Today multiline is not too popular though high-capacity systems are repalced with progressive, re-circulation or dualline more flexible systems.

Multiline lubrication systems
Dualline system

The request on very high amount of grease could be supported with the dual line systems in the heavy indusry. Also long distances or the high number of greasing points motivated the desing of the robust dual line lubrication systems eben for 1000-1500 gresing points.

Most common by:

  • large or long machines/line of tyre, cement or steel production 

  • lubrication on pressing machines

Most known systems: Dropsa Modular Dual Line, Lincoln

Chain Lubrication

ALubrication of chains is indispensable because chain is one of the most sophisticated mechanical part of machines from aspect of lubrication:

  Each link of the chain contains 6 of lubrication points to be well lubricated for the long time


 Chain lubrication is today almost a different branch of the profession of lubrication and having very various kind of sulotions.


Each lubrication system for chains are individually designed by the recent application.

Spraying systems

In pressing plants or by metal processing, open-gear drives the lubricant only can be supported to the reuested surface by spraying onto it. 

Spraying systems are avalaible to support grease or oil even from 200-500mm distance from nozzles to lubricated surface or point.

Spraying systems
Special Lubrication systems


EuroScale develope and support very many type of different solution for lubrication. On request we develope uniqe solutions customized to custoemr or application.

Sometime even real "extreme" tasks are to be done without having problem for us as EuroScale Team do many tests in the real production which are usually successful.

One of typical oiling solutoin is the felt-lubrication for press plants where metal sheet should be pre-oiled before forming to reduce heat, friction and damage of material. We support and desing uniqe spray- or felt-systems and deliver to many automotive suppliers.

Beside special lubrication systems we cooperato to Millutensil who is a former and develoer of many additional machines around the press machine.

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