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Heavy and Light Industry

Due to the variability and branching of industrial lubrication systems, we are now focusing on the most important solutions.

In the industry, advanced and economical progressive lubrication has been gaining ground since the 1990s, whether it be oiling or greasing. It replaces the traditional robust two-wire lubrication, as the size of machines and equipment is decreasing, and refinement is improved, resulting in lower lubrication performance than before.



However, in the former areas of heavy industry (steel, cement industry), multi-wire and two-wire greases are still operating.


The automotive and light industry, together with the food industry, are already installing fine-mechanical solutions, thus gaining more space for progressive greasing with single-line lubrication or MQL (Minimal Quantity Lubrication), the minimum lubrication.


The weighing scales, on-board weighing system and front loader scales sold by EuroScale are available in several packages.


Their functional and technical equipment varies by type.

On request, it is possible to store, save or print the measurements for the required time.


The individual weighing systems also allow the rear camera to be connected, which makes the movement in the work area safer.


Accuracy of front loader scales conforms to EU standards but can also be adjusted to 0.5% fault tolerance depending on the hydraulics of the implement.


We also offer forklift, belt, truck scales and axle weight measuring systems.


In the world of transportation, everything is about efficiency.


Not only is the tight timetable, but the lowest possible fuel consumption, maintenance and operating costs are in focus, and the real profit in transport is ensured.


This idea prompted Groeneveld to make trucks, trucks, garbage trucks, dump trucks, and more. to develop truly rewarding solutions.

These systems automatically control the engine oil level, provide the necessary greasing points with the lubricant, so that the owner can feel safe with regard to the technical maintenance of the fleet's vehicles, in the most environmentally friendly way. This is the maximum result with minimal effort.

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