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Groeneveld GreenSight - Az aktív biztonság

Obstacle detection system

Under the name Greensight, Groeneveld supplies an ultrasonic obstacle detection system, a camera system, or a combination of both. The implementation of ultrasound allows the system to detect obstacles in pre-set zones very accurately. The system can be expanded with sensors either on the side or on the top of the vehicle or machine. As soon as an object or person is detected, the system will warn the driver or operator with an acoustic signal. With the optional Smart alarm, the person in the detection zone will be warned as well.

Camera system

The in-house developed Greensight CMOS camera is available with viewing angles of 104° or 116° and with normal or reflected image. It can be used for many applications; as a front or side view camera on trucks and buses, or on the rear-end of trucks, earthmoving equipment and forklift trucks, for example. The gas-filled camera has a black, anodised aluminum casing for a guaranteed long lifespan and can be supplied with an L- or U-shaped bracket.


The main benefits at a glance

  • Clear and sharp images

  • No condensation and frost issues due to automatically heated lens surface

  • Possible expansion to four cameras

  • CAN-bus connectivity prepared

  • High sensitivity at 0.025 lux (good visibility with little light)

  • Switches easily between different camera images

How it is working?

Two of b ipolar installed ultrasonic sensors monitoring the area behind the vehicel continously upto 9 meters distance.

The monitored zone is divided into three sections which equal one Alarm zone. Size of area of alarm zones depends on the type of vehicle.

The ultrasonic sensors - thanks to theri installation - are able to define the real distances between the vehicle and the obstacle. The alarm is set in the driver/operator cabin with a Smart-alarm unit. Its LED display warns the driver on the obstacle coming into the different alarm zones. Extending Smart display with camrea and monitor the systems provides not only acoustic but visual accessibility about everhting around the vehicle.

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