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Groeneveld SingleLine - Parallel NLGI-0 automatic lubrication system with reservoir

The SingleLine automatic lubrication system has a parallel operation and is suitable for up to NLGI-0 grease. The SingleLine is specifically developed for vehicles and machines with a large number of lubrication points, such as low-loaders, articulated buses, trucks with drum brakes and trailers with steered axles. This lubrication system is used all over the world and ensures efficient and effective lubrication.



The SingleLine is suitable for many applications. A number of possible applications are shown below. You are welcome to contact EuroScale for tailored advice.

The main benefits at a glance

  • Optimum lubrication and sealing of all lubrication points

  • Easy to install and to extend

  • Thanks to the relatively low work pressure, the quality of the grease is preserved

  • The key components are made of solid brass in order to ensure a long and maintenance free lifespan

  • The follower plate will ensure that all the grease in the reservoir is used, that the grease level is visible and that oxidation is prevented, to assure the quality of the grease

  • The unique metering units offer an exact and adjustable amount of grease per lubrication point

  • Filler coupling with filter in order to prevent contamination of the grease during filling

  • Equipped with a pressure switch in the main line system as standard, a break in the main line is immediately detected and reported

  • Optionally equipped with a level indicator in the grease reservoir with an active warning

  • Corrosion resistant thanks to the use of brass metering units, distribution blocks and couplings

  • Metering units and distribution blocks also available in stainless steel

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