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Groeneveld TriPlus - The "Multi"-Progressive NLGI-2 automatic lubrication system

TriPlus is a unique progressive lubrication system that offers the possibility of three independently operating circuits. It is the ultimate solution for machines and vehicles which have different components requiring different lubrication, such as wheeled excavators, cement pumps or mixers and backhoe loaders.


The main benefits at a glance

  • Up to three independently operating lubrication circuits

  • Grease delivery independently of the ambient temperature

  • Optimal grease dosage per lubrication point

  • Equipped with a follower plate that ensures that all the grease in the reservoir is used. This means that the reservoir wall remains clean, allowing to check the grease level visually. Ageing of the grease as a result of oxidation is also prevented

  • Filling coupling with filter prevents contamination of the grease during refilling

  • In-cab display for settings and system monitoring

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