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Single Line lubrication system

So called Single Line lubrication systems are very current in light-industrial application though designed to support the less number of lubrication points (<100) with light oiling or greasing. 

The reliable system requires less space where the pump feeds lubricant to lubepoints through one main lubrication line. Depending on system the dosing elements can be restrictors, nozzles or injectors. Control of system is according to dosing system.

The 01 Single Line System operates by distributing the output of a pump over a number of Meter Units.

This system provides a simple and very cost effective method of oil lubrication on small machine applications such as: wood-working machines, shoe making machines, small machine tools, molding machines


- Entry level low cost lubrication system 
- Different solutions to best fit any application need 
- Easy to expand or change the meter units 
- Orifices can be built into machinery 

Typical Applications: 
- Small Machine Tools 
- Woodworking Machines 
- Small Printing Machines 
- Textile Machines 


The 01 System consists of meter units (calibrated 'orifices') that balance the distribution line pressure and divide the oil from the pump proportionally across the meter units. 
A Smile pump with an "01 System" represents one of the lowest priced entry level centralized lubrication systems on the market today whilst maintaining high reliability and appearance. 

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