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Dual line (2-line) automatic greasing systems

For heavy-industrial applications are requirements for heavy-duty greasing systems supporting very large and high-consumption greasing. These systems were the first coming from Cement and Steel industry. When very long (over 20-30 meters) machine is also dual-line system could be the right solution for central greasing. 


Dual Line system consist of a high-delivery and high-capacity robust grease-pump and a change-over valve which controls grease flow between the two mainlines. Dual line system are able to support grease to even 1500 lubrication points.


  • Tyre and rubber industry

  • Cement and steel plants

  • Press machinery

  • Rolling lines

Most common dual-line systems: Dropsa Modular Dual Line, Lincoln

Our biggest experiences in dual-line systems:

  • AGC Automotive - Forming Machine 572 lubrication points in one system

  • Bukoza S.A. Papr company - 212 lubrication points in one system

  • Zoltek Zrt Carbon-fibre Company - over 4.300 lubrication points 

  • Tenaris Silcotube Steel - 110 lubrication points in one system

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