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Chain lubrication

Lifetime, reliability and safe production = Chain lubrication


There are several type and configurated conveyor systems. For each efficient operation it is required the proper lubrication of rollers, bearings and slides.


Several external condition and facts is to determine the required type of lubricant and the system for lubrication as speed of the conveyor, wear and load or re-lubrication period or environment.


The Chain is a very uniqe mechanical part of the engineering: it is very complex though most of engineers and mechnicals see it very simple.

We realize in many cases that conveyor chains are running without proper lubrication against chain's value is very expensive.

Unbelievable but chains have 6-6 lubrication points on each segment!


The double side, the inner pins and the outer segments requires lubrication on six surrfaces to reduce friction, heat or noise and wear of the metal parts.


Against new developments in chain-production each chain requires some lubrication.


The optimal lubrication reduces wear of the chain, extends lifetime and reduces production noise too. When optimal lubrication presented all unexpected stop of production is ceased and costs of maintenance is optimalized.


The automatic chain lubrication systems give advantage as


  • Lifetime of chain extremely extends 

  • Productioin stops and maintenance costs are minimalized 

  • Reduces energy consumtion

  • Reduces consumption of lubricant oil

  • Sucks hits and resonances 

  • Provides cooling for high-speed chainns 

  • Provides low-noise production 


For lubrication the chains today only oils are to be used.  Though greases give similar action but stuck much contamination and became a wearing-paste on sensitive surfaces. The good quality of chain lubrication oils are well-stickness, gooey and not aparts fro moving parts of chains. More chain manufacturer prescribes the re-lubrication periods and quality of chain-oils.

The most common requirements against chain oils are:

  • Good penetration characteristics 

  • High viscosity-index and temperature characteristics

  • Reliable resistance of corrosion 

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