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Progresive Lubrication Systems

The System 26 (Prgressive)  lubricant dividers support the grease/oil coming from lubrication pump to its outlet in exact dosage. The quantity of grease on each outlet port could be adjusted easily with designing and replacing dosing

elements giving the highest flexibility to these systems.

The progressive systems are the most common solution for smaller or more extended (<100 lubepoint) lubrication systems.

Due its flexibility there are several kind of progressive divider and dosing element as well as uncountable variation for greasing or oiling solutions. Some of progressive dividers could be built with baseplate which allows very easy maintenance without opening the tubing of the system. 

The "block-system" dividers (e.g. Lincoln, Dropsa, Woerner) have advantage on their reliability and having fixed output delivery on each lubrication cycle.


The "segment-type" dividers have more flexibility from having different capacity dosing elements.

All progressive system can be easily monitored by limit sensors built-in the main dividers (e.g. Dropsa Ultrasensor) which monitoring give advanced possibilities for monitoring the whole dosing.

To control and monitor the progressive systems could be used special built-in controllers (buil into the lubrication pump) or separated external control units.


Controlers to be programmed by time or lubrication cycles even by external
impulses coming from the machine PLC.

The compact progressive systems (e.g. Dropsa Bravo pump or ILC Max series) have buil-in controlers with digital LED displays for easy setup and maintenance.

  The setup allows the most precise adjusments for standby time, impulses or

  lubricaiton cycles to be done.

  The flexible tank variation allows to adjust the pump grease capacity to the

  application from 2kg upto 15-18 kg easily and economically.


The flexible progressive systems can be used even for industrial applications or mobile (earthmoving, transport) machines too.

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