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Spring type lubricators

Development of single point lubricators

Electro-chemical lubricators - with H2  gas

Elekcro-chemical self-lubricators

with N2 gas

Low.pressure electric dosers

High-pressure electric micro-pumps

Old technology with new conception -
S-type lubricators

Grease filled into small (100ml) tank against spring-force. Spring forces grease to output with the adjusted force continously.

While machine operation the grease or oil is dosed automatically.

Adjusting spring force cna be easily adjust the dosing capacity.


Though grease is not pressurized its lifetime is maximum not separation could be detected.



When machine is out of order the S-type unit can be turned off not to dose.

Built-in battery or external power supply with 24VDC / 230 VAC 

LCD display: for programming and monitoring status 

Capacity between 60 - 125 - 250 és 500 ccm 

Dosing period 1/2 - 1 - 2- 3 - 4 - 6 - 9 - 12 months adjustable

Precise and reliable dosing even with 20-50 bar pressure

R3/8" connection

From -15°C to +60°C applicable

Extension to progressive distribution system from 1-8 lubepoints as micro-automatic greasing system.

- PLC controlled - very precise dosing 

- Settable and changeable dosing intensity period from 1 upto 12 months 

- Relilable and accure dosing

- From -20°C to +55°C applicable

- Pressure 5-7 bar 

- Ex ia I/IIB T6 quality 

- IP68 protection - underwater operation

- Capacity:

    E-120     120 ccm

    E-240    240 ccm

- R 1/4" connection

-  Remote installation even 30 cm from lubepoint 

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