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Sy-Klone engine prefiltering system 

Lifetime filters of combustion engines or engines depends on the quantity of intaken particles from surroundings. Power performance of machines and fuel consumption influenced by the right quality of air sucked into engine.


There are several type of prefilters on the market but patented technology of RESPA has several advantages against competitors' solutions:

  • Excellent performance in whole range of engine revolution. (generally other filters works as choke for engines)

  • Excellent price-value and quick return of money

  • Self-clenaning filter which are not to be replaced continously 

Series 9000® Dust-filter

The Sy-Klone Series 9000 prefilter is the first step protecting engines against dust. The S-9000 separates bigger particles from intakes air before entering into standard air-filter longing lifetime of the original paper filter of motor. Beside longer filter lifetime ensures less fuel concumption and less cost on maintenance.


Prefilters are all self-cleaning and self-maintenanced for all engine applications. 


  • Prevents particles getting into intake system of engine

  • Extends 3x lifetime of standard filters

  • Relative cheap solution, easy fit and maintenance free

  • Reduces operation costs, stop-times and increases productivity

Principle of operation

  1. Air enters the underside of the dome through screened louvers, which prevents clogging by blocking any particles larger than the ejection slot from entering the unit.

  2. Curved particle accelerator blades slam air and dirt up against the sidewall

  3. Strakes along the interior surface move heavier-than-air debris towards the ejection slot

  4. Clean air continues to swirl down into the engine air inlet pipe

Sy-Klone® XLR Powered Precleaner for Engines

XLR = eXtra Low Restriction

Sy-Klone® International now offers the XLR Powered Precleaner® for maximum precleaning in impossible environments with the lowest possible restriction to protect your engine! This high efficiency powered precleaner removes 99.99% of ISO fine test dust. With the addition of power, there is zero restriction up to 130 CFM (3.68 m3/min).

  • High efficiency powered precleaner removes more than 90+% of the dust BEFORE it reaches the prefilter.

  • High efficiency radial seal prefilter then removes 99.99% of ISO fine test dust.

  • Patented self-cleaning prefilter drops dirt continuously, which is then ejected from the XLR filter housing.

The XLR Powered Precleaner offers two sizes to maximize your precleaning ability. The unique design allows for an easy air filter change with no engine contamination.


  • Most effective "impossible dust environment" engine precleaner ever invented

  • Lowers cost per operating hour

  • Quickly recover cost of investment

  • Extends primary engine air filter life for an indefinite period of time

  • XLR prefilter changes do not expose engine to field service contamination

  • Improved oil samples (significantly lower contaminate levels)

  • Helps to preserve your engine, catalytic converter, and prevents related downtime costs

How XLR works?

  1. Debris-laden air enters the precleaner.

  2. The motor whips the air into a vortex with the debris riding along the outer walls.

  3. Debris is ejected from the precleaner.

  4. The clean air in the center of the system is then pushed through the filter with very low restriction.

  5. The filter and housing are self-cleaning as debris falls off the filter and is then ejected from the housing.

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