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Scales for Forklift Trucks 

Several manufacturer offers OEM built-in scale in the forklifts which can provide functionality partly on the customers' requests.

Scales of Forklifts can be divided into two groups:

   One is weighing systems where weighing procedure is based on

   hydraulic pressure in the llifting cylinder. These systems morely do static

   weighing while forklift stand still but more advanced version are able to

   measure load by driving it giving more comfortable and fast operation.

   The loadcell versions of scales have legal for trade accuracy by using

  special forks on the truck with included loadcells. Weighing datas are

  transmitted wireless to the display unit in the cabin. 

Static weighing systems

Dynamic weighing systems

Loadcell weighing systems


RDS Liftlog 100+ static weighing system for dynamic weighing

The Liftlog 100+ is a cost-effective weighing and load-monitoring instrument specifically designed for forklift trucks that displays the weight and calculates loading totals. It also features visual and audible overload warning.


  • Allows correct and even loading of storage and vehicles.

  • Increases loading safety in yard and/or warehouse.

  • Enables check-weighing of incoming and outgoing goods.

  • Increases vehicle efficiency and promotes best operator use minimising machine downtime for servicing or repair.

  • Maintains accuracy; requires no periodic re-calibration or servicing.

  • Maintains lifting capacity and driver visibility.




  • LCD indicates ‘calculated’ weight with  a bar graph of load status.

  • Total channel displays sum of all entered load weights.

  • Accuracy +/- 2% of truck capacity.

  • Initial audible alarm at 90% of permitted load with continuous audible alarm and flashing display at and in excess of 100%.

  • Overload logging capability.

  • Quick and easy installation and unique bracket enables installation of the instrument in any position.

  • Proven technology in a robust waterproof enclosure sealed to IP67.

Outset miniViper static weighing - cost-efficiently


miniVIPER is the most competitive static weight control system in the market, that combines simplicity of use, high precision and immediate display of the weight of transported materials on all types of fork-lift trucks. A display mounted in the cab shows the net weight of the materials using a pressure sensor installed on the hydraulic lifting system.


RDS Loadmaster a100 R&D MID - legal for trade dynamic weighing system


Where leag for trade weighing is in request we offer the most advanced Topcon product for forklift truck: the Loadmaster Alpha 100 R&D.

A dynamic on-board weighing system for forklifts that meets SOLAS Method 2 requirements.

LOADMASTER a100 has been designed to operate within the fastest loading environments and in the toughest of conditions, providing the weight of cargo to be packed into a container. LOADMASTER a100 is an automatic catch weighing instrument, MID class Y (b) type approved. Features SQL database with XML data output for integration with Terminal Operating Systems.

The RDS LOADMASTER a100 uses a 7” colour, resistive touch screen display and additional physical keys providing a modern and ergonomic operator interface.


  The system can be retrofitted onto forklifts with no major modifications required to the


The system measures hydraulic pressure. The pressure signals are captured and filtered through a weighing ‘arc’ provided by reference and direction sensors.


All signals are processed in the RDS Smart Box and the resultant weight calculation is sent to the terminal mounted in the cabin.


SQL database capability with up to 8 reference fields provides virtually unlimited inputs of products, customers, trucks, hauliers, locations, destinations, mix blends and notes.


Video input for switching head unit into reversing camera mode removes the need for additional screen, releasing valuable cab space.

Main advantages:

  • Colour touch screen display - Clear, uncluttered display provides intuitive operation

  • Hydraulic oil temperature compensation option - Accurate weight information within normal operating temperatures.

  • Target load - Set individual product target. Ensure correct loading.

  • GPS product recognition - Automatic product selection.

  • Reversing camera input - One screen, two functions.

  • Pre-set Tare function - Net weighing for pallets and containers.

  • SQL database functionality - Ease of use and interfacing with TOS

  • Stores, multiple job and blend capability with advanced memory job search and report function - Accurate record keeping, traceability & stock management.

  • 5 memorised quick pre-selections for repeat job set up - Multiple active job capability.

  • GPRS and Wi-Fi connectivity options. - One or 2-way communication with back office.

  • Static and dynamic weighing modes for ‘weighing on the lift’ - Faster operation.

  • XML data output via serial, ethernet and USB memory stick - Safe & efficient data handling.

  • Printer option with configurable output - Hard copy of load summaries, totals, company logo product marketing

  • Calibration ‘Nudge’ - Quick and easy calibration adjustment to match site reference

  • Internal audible alarm - Set to alarm at overload threshold

A100 RD .JPG

DiniArgeo LTF digital weighing forks 

Pair of forks with an integrated weighing system for lift trucks, easy to use, sturdy, and reliable. The optional wireless indicator to install in the cabin makes weighing operations easier and has a large range of accessories. Operates by a rechargeable battery or directly powered from the lift truck. Compatible with any lift truck having a DIN 15173 - FEM fork holder plate, of the IIA (IIB optional) or IIIA class. Available in CE-M approved version.


  • Mechanical characteristics:

  • Painted steel forks.

  • Each fork weighs: 75kg (LTF25) and 90kg (LTF50).

  • Functions with 4 shear-beam IP68 load cells.

  • Accuracy: +/- 0.2% of the capacity.

  • Max. allowable overload: 200% of the nominal capacity.

  • Max. horizontal inclination (oscillation): +/- 2° with the same accuracy characteristics



  • The user can select the operating modes directly using the dedicated key*:
    - High resolution display x 10
    - Net/Gross
    - lb to kg converter
    - Metre counter, litre counter function etc., with free conversion factor
    - Weight totalising
    - Formula weighing
    - +/- Checkweighing with quick target and threshold input
    - Percentage weighing
    - Percentage batching with programmable target
    - Piece counter
    - Hold



Weighing module for fork lift trucks with fixing guide according to DIN15173 - FEM class II standards, for transforming a normal lift truck into a mobile electronic scale. Available also CE-M APPROVED.


  • Bearing structure in extra thick sheet steel and accurate functioning mechanics with 2 shear-beam IP68 load cells.

  • Stainless steel load cells, full scale output 2 mV/V, maximum power supply 15Vdc.

  • Plate dimensions: 910x407x110 mm; weighs 184 kg.

  • Hermetically sealed junction box.

  • Accuracy: +/- 0.05% of the capacity.

  • Max. horizontal inclination (flexibility): +/- 2° with the same accuracy characteristics.

  • Max. allowable overload: more than 300% f.s., with protection limit switch in case of broken hinges.

  • Max. barycentric shifting: 55 mm.

  • Built-in protection system against overloads and accidental impacts.

  • Wide range of connectable indicators and wireless solutions.


RDS Liftlog 1000 hydraulic weighing system with 0,5% accuracy

A weighing system with 0.5% accuracy designed specifi cally for forklift trucks operating in the fastest loading environments.

With the ever increasing focus on productivity and safe-loading, the new LIFTLOG 1000 is a cost-effective weighing instrument that reduces loading cycle times and maximises tons per hour performance.


  • Accuracy +/- 0.5% of truck capacity

  • Colour touchscreen display

  • Store up to 50 tare values

  • Gross and Net indication



  • Correctly load vehicles or stock check

  • Clear, uncluttered display provides intuitive operation

  • Pre-determined pallet and stillage weights for faster operation

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