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Basic help for organization of manual maintenance and lubrication. 

Beside the automatic lubrication solutions EuroScale, our Company plays important roll in fielld of manual lubrication too.

We worked out Instructions for safe Manual Lubrication for Several big Corporation by giving technological and professioanl advices and tools to maintenance staff including additional administration tools too.

Manual Greasing

Manual greasing is important part of traditional maintenance of machines. Applying right technologies the efficiency of manual lubrications can reach for automatic one but for reaching this level is important having all theoretical and practical knowledge or having right equipments to do it.

When adding too much lubricnat into one bearing (waste) or missing the marks of running out of grease... these are faults. We support high knowledge and trainings to maintenance staff of our customership to be avoided of unnecessary losses.

Important point could be the operators make systematic lubrication because there are high number of machines in a plant where not easy to recognize all of the lubrication points. We support worksheets, greasing plans and programes for the operators doing their maintenance tasks more better and reliable.

Manual lubrication

Sools and equipments

Doing manual greasing or refilling the tank of a CLS system usually done by manual grease guns. The more modern and human-friendly solution equipments can speed up and make more reliable these tasks. Consumption of lubricant can be reduced or quality of greasing efficiency can be increased by using eight tools for it.


We offer solutions and professional equipments for industrial maintenance what can be found here or in our Online Cataloge..

Micro and Single point lubricators

Substituting unreliable  manual lubrication offered the single point lubricators or for more lubepoints: the micro lubrication systems.


The new generation of gas-cell type lubricators - called Pulsarlube "E" series - are easy and econióomical to use for lubrication points whch are hardly can be reached, or far-away or sensitive for right amount of lubricant.

These lubricators can be set to dose lubricant to lubepoint for 1-3-6 or 12 months period. The capacity of lubricators could be 60ccm, 120ccm or 240ccm which allows to dose oil/grease quantity of from 0 16 ccm upto 8 ccm per day per lubepoint.


The micro automatic lubrication systems are avalaible for supplying lubricant to more lubepoints close to each other. The Pulsarlube "M" series of micro lubrication systems works with battery or 12/24/230V power and can support lubricant from 1 upto 8 lubepoints in one system. They can be used economically where low cost is important and power supply is not avalaible. E.g. moving, turning parts of a machine.


EuroScale works only with "hardwares" but on request of some of our customers we undertake special support of lubricants from branded manufacturers:

  •  refilling of maintenanced automatic grease pumps

  • supporting chain oil for lubrication equipments

  • supporting engineering to choose the most efficient lubricant

  • testing lubricant solutions

Bővebb információkat, és a részletes választékunkat az Online Katalógusunkban találhatja.

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